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With restrictions on attendees at athletics and other events, the Eagle Ambassadors YouTube page has become a trusted and valuable resource to parents and the community. Here’s how you can support this resource and the people who keep it going.

Eagle Ambassadors was ahead of its time when it launched its YouTube in 2013 to bring BEA events to those who couldn’t be there in person and to document them for future viewing. Now, more than 1,600 people subscribe to the page, which includes sporting events, graduations, Homecoming parades, drama performances and more. You can help to keep it going strong.

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During current restrictions on attendance for indoor and outdoor events, the page has become a lifeline for friends and family of our students. While it is being used most for athletic events, as the school year goes on, many more events will be streamed and recorded, just as in the past.

Eagle Ambassadors is a volunteer organization that strives to support BEA students. You can support their efforts to maintain the YouTube page and the work needed to stream and record events, and other Eagle Ambassadors by making a tax-deductible gift.

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