Eagle Ambassadors, Inc. - Alumni Bonding over Aquila Memories

Alumni Bonding over Aquila Memories

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As you know, Eagle Ambassadors works to raise funds to benefit Bald Eagle students through innovative projects and adequate resources. The volunteers keeping this group going—Karen and John Urbanik—are both BEA alumni who have a true love for their alma mater.

In addition to their work for Eagle Ambassadors—volunteering for the board, planning events and keeping up the Eagle Ambassadors YouTube Channel (so that Eagles can enjoy athletics and school events from anywhere!), they started a new labor of love: Aquila Memories – The Bald Eagle Experience, a Facebook group for alumni and friends.

John and Karen have scanned and posted thousands of yearbook photos, helping alumni to relive their Bald Eagle days and reconnect with friends and classmates. You can join by visiting the page here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/beasdalumni/

As volunteers, John and Karen get paid in appreciation from their fellow alumni. To honor their hard work and commitment to BEA and its proud alumni, consider supporting Eagle Ambassadors with a tax-deductible donation. Your gift will directly benefit students in the district.