Eagle Ambassadors, Inc. - What happens when students are inspired?

What happens when students are inspired?

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Every day in classrooms across BEA—from kindergarten to 12th grade—students grow. The gain a skill, they conquer a challenge, they understand something entirely new. Whether its in science and math or in music and language arts, or some combination, these moments of learning and growth turn into inspiration. Students begin to see the full range of their capabilities and possibilities for the future begin to take shape. They recognize their potential and begin to set goals. 

How can we work together to make sure they achieve them? Every student deserves a strong public education. BEA is fortunate to have engaged, caring teachers and administrators who work hard to reach every student. Here’s where we come in: Eagle Ambassadors wants to provide that little bit extra to make sure every moment of inspiration can be explored for its future potential. 

Teacher grants and funds for special projects, supplies and equipment can go a long way to giving students a broader, deeper learning experience. Will you help Eagle Ambassadors create these opportunities? 

As the new school year kicks off, make a donation to Eagle Ambassadors. Your gift directly benefits students by providing the extra funding needed to make a difference.