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You’re on Our Wish List

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With all of the gift buying, cookie baking, and time spent with family and friends this holiday season, it is easy to forget the organizations that mean so much to you. Support us this holiday season so we can keep fulfilling our promise to you to continue to provide a challenging and enriching educational experience that maximizes the learning potential of every student and prepares them to succeed.

Your donation allows us to keep…

  • Engaging the community and alumni in fundraising through mobilizing broad community support for public education.
  • Securing grants through public and nonpublic sources that support public education initiatives.
  • Supporting district-wide learning initiatives.
  • Encouraging teacher innovation and teaching excellence.

Whether it is $5, $10, $15, or even $50, ever single bit makes a difference. Give one last gift this holiday season. Donate to Eagle Ambassadors.