Eagle Ambassadors, Inc. - Lyco Coach of 44 Years Built Football Foundation at BEA

Lyco Coach of 44 Years Built Football Foundation at BEA

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Steve Wiser with his wife, Pam.

Lycoming football assistant coach Steven Wiser recalls his experiences as a student in the Bald Eagle Area School District fondly.

"I have great lifetime memories of my time at Bald Eagle and in the Valley," Wiser, who graduated from Bald Eagle Area High School in 1970, said via email. "Bald Eagle will always have a special place in my heart. I am very proud of the education and opportunities that I was provided with at BEA. [I was] very fortunate to have excellent teachers and coaches that provided me with a great foundation to be successful in college, teaching, coaching, and, more importantly, in life."

Wiser, who is the assistant head coach and defensive coordinator for Lycoming's football team and has now been coaching there for 44 years, said his experience in the Bald Eagle Area District laid a great foundation for his life.

"My athletic experiences, my social life and classroom education helped me through life experiences," Wiser said. "Many of the lessons that I learned and experienced in the classroom helped me persevere throughout my 32 years of teaching. My experiences in football, wrestling, and baseball helped me in my college experiences athletically and my 44 years of coaching and working with young people at all levels."

Wiser served Williamsport Area High School as a social studies teacher from 1974 to 2006. He said the impact his wrestling coach at Bald Eagle Area had on him went beyond his time in the district.

"Coach Joe Humphries was like a second father to me," Wiser said. "I learned not only wrestling but lifetime lessons that I have used in coaching and life. I have so many great memories of Coach Humphries and his family. Coach opened his home to many of his wrestlers and I was fortunate to be one of those wrestlers. Coach Humphries connection with Coach Cole provided me with great experience and opportunities."

He also recognized other educators that made a difference in his life while he was at Bald Eagle Area.

"Teachers that had a positive influence were Mrs. Connelly, my English teacher, Doc Etters, my health and physical ed teacher, [and] Alex Murnyack had a very positive influence not only as teacher and coach, but as a personal mentor," Wiser said. "Mr. Miller, my chemistry teacher, was a very positive influence, and I think about him every time I pass his gun shop on Route 64. Mr. Bradford, my POD teacher, was an excellent teacher. I probably could go on because I was very fortunate to grow up in the valley during the '60s."

Wiser said that Bald Eagle Area being close to Penn State also opened up doors for him.

"The proximity of our school district to Penn State’s main campus provided me with many great educational and social opportunities," Wiser said. "I will forever cherish the friendships, relationships, and memories that I created at BEA. I was blessed to have met such great people and would relive my BEA experience in a heartbeat."

Wiser stays in touch with other alumni and good friends from the district. He also uses football to stay in touch with the school district.

"My connection to the high school today would be through my recruiting efforts of BEA student athletes," Wiser said. "No relatives to my knowledge have recently attended or graduated from BEA. I wish I could have more of a connection, but unfortunately my commitment to Lycoming is very time consuming."

Wiser also looks to contribute to where he lives.

"I am actively involved in the community through the Favors Forward organization that helps needy people in the community," Wiser said. "I am happily married to my wife Pam with two loving grandchildren and several stepchildren. ... Throughout 25 years I have successfully directed summer football camps that range from the age of seven to 18 years old. I also have organized and successfully currently run our Lycoming Football Golf Outing."