Eagle Ambassadors, Inc. - “BEA Prepared Me for Success," Says BASD Assistant Superintendent

“BEA Prepared Me for Success," Says BASD Assistant Superintendent

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Tammie Kauffman Burnaford, who graduated from BEA in 1980, has a deep-rooted pride for the Bald Eagle Area School District. Many experiences within the district inspired her to pursue a career in education. BEASD played a large role in Tammie’s current professional status: Assistant Superintendent of Bellefonte Area School District.

“All of my experiences at BEA prepared me for success in every way,” said Tammie. “Those experiences made me who I am today.”

During her time at BEASD, Tammie was involved in many extracurricular activities. She was a member of the Student Council, Band, National Honor Society, and the Drama Club. She also played softball, basketball, and was the statistician for the football team. Many of her fondest memories revolve around these activities.

“It’s impossible for me to name just one favorite memory,” she said.

After high school, Tammie pursued a Bachelor of Science in Elementary and Kindergarten Education at Penn State. She then earned a Masters of Education degree in Educational Leadership, her Principals’ Certification and Superintendents’ Letter of Eligibility through Penn State. She is currently working towards her doctorate degree in Educational Leadership.

Tammie started her career in education as a teacher at Clarence and Howard Elementary Schools. She then became the Principal at Wingate Elementary. After spending 15 years at BEASD, she shifted her career opportunities to the Bellefonte Area School District when she became the Principal at Pleasant Gap Elementary School. After spending 13 years as Principal, she was given the opportunity to serve as the Assistant Superintendent of the district.

“I have been blessed with a multitude of wonderful experiences in the field of education,” she said. “I’ve been surrounded by simply incredible educators, and have enjoyed every moment of my career.”

Tammie credits many of her teachers for molding her into the individual she has become. In elementary school, Mrs. Alexander, Mr. Holt, and Miss Spotts fostered her passion for learning. In high school, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Anderson inspired Tammie’s love of science. Mr. Fisher taught her how to do her own taxes, which she still does on her own to this day. She also says the English department at BEASD is responsible for the development of her writing skills.

“Without all of the teachers I had at BEA, I would never be where I am today,” she said. “And for that, I am forever grateful and indebted.”

Tammie still keeps in touch with many of her friends from BEASD. One friend that she keeps in close contact with is Laura Lee. Tammie and Laura were friends in elementary school and all through high school. They went their separate ways in college but eventually found their way back to each other when Laura asked Tammie to be her Maid of Honor in her wedding. At the wedding Tammie hit it off with Laura’s fiancé’s brother, Bill. Bill and Tammie married five years later. Not only were Laura and Tammie good friends throughout their time at BEASD, they became sister-in-laws.

Tammie is a proud alumni and faculty member of the Bald Eagle Area School District. She knows that the opportunities she was afforded as a student equipped her with the knowledge and tools she needed for success.

“Words cannot convey my pride and love of BEASD,” she said. “I am honored and humbled to call myself an alumni.”