Eagle Ambassadors, Inc. - Rosemarie Cox Humbled by Devotion to Students Award

Rosemarie Cox Humbled by Devotion to Students Award

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Your Donation Can Help Fund Future Art Opportunities for BEA Students

Rosemarie CoxWhile it came as a complete surprise to Rosemarie Cox that she was receiving an award for her devotion to students, those in the BEASD who know her weren’t surprised at all.

The Carolyn Connelly Devotion to Students Award
Rosemarie recently received the Carolyn Connelly Devotion to Students Award, named after BEASD Grammar and English teacher, Carolyn Connelly. Carolyn taught at BEASD from 1964 until 1998 when she sadly passed away from cancer at the age of 59. She was the advisor for the majorettes and the yearbook and was also involved in running the concession stand at BEA’s Alumni Field. The stand, Carolyn’s Concessions, is named after her.

Above all else though, Carolyn was known for going the extra mile and for becoming a part of her students’ lives, all the way to the end. Though she could have been home resting in the final months of her life, she still came to work nearly every day. She was, and continues to be, an inspiration to many at BEASD.

Rosemarie says that she was overwhelmed and moved to receive this award and to know that her endeavors over the past few years are known, remembered, and appreciated. 

“It was most moving to hear what one of my students had written about me,” said Rosemarie, “and to know that my efforts, energies, and madly passionate love ofart and for my students and this community made a bit of a difference.”

Rosemarie started at BEASD as a substitute teacher and was hired to teach art full time in 2008. She has taught 7th and 8th grade art, as well as high school classes. She is currently the advisor for the middle and high school art club, a group of about 30 students who meet weekly.

When asked what she loves about her job, Rosemarie has a long list. Above all though, it’s watching the students learn and grow that means the most to her.

“I love witnessing their growth as artists and individuals, from middle school to graduation, and into their adult lives,” she said. 

Rosemarie’s contributions
Rosemarie is a strong believer in creating art experiences within the district and within the community. To this end, she has created and facilitated many opportunities for students to gain real-world art experiences. Below are just a few examples:

    • Started a middle and high school art club during her first year at BEA
    • Facilitated and helped create a school float during the Grange Fair parade to celebrate student success 
    • Organized student groups for window painting for Day of Caring and holidays, and held community art exhibits 
    • Taken students and their work to local comic conventions, and has led student participation in recycled art exhibits in Mechanicsburg, PA 
    • Has chalked the walk in support of positive decisions during prom and graduation, and has created artwork for the custodial staff, PAWS, and many other organizations 
    • Supports the music department and drama club during their performances by helping with play props and art exhibits that coincide with concerts

Book Benches of Centre County project
Rosemarie was also very involved with getting BEASD a bench through the Book Benches of Centre County; a project supported by the Centre County Foundation.

“I knew that it would be an amazing art experience if my students could participate,” said Rosemarie. “I had often shared similar projects (Cow Parade, Fayetteville’s PIGShibition, etc.) with my students and wanted to find more ways for them to participate in community and public art.”

After preparing a lengthy proposal, BEASD was granted a bench to complete. Over 200 students worked on the bench which will be displayed in front of the school. Mr. Biddle’s Ag Science students designed and will implement landscaping around the bench. Learn more about BEASD’s book bench here.

Future projects and how you can help

Looking to the future, Rosemarie has several projects in the works. She has donated many materials herself and does her best to keep the art club a no-cost group. Parents and students help through fundraising, but alumni can make an impact too.

You can donate in a number of ways to ensure incredible art projects, like the book bench, remain available to BEA students: 

      1. Online through Eagle Ambassadors (simply specify that you want your gift to be designated to the art club or the school mural projects).
      2. Mail a check to the BEA School District designating where the funds are to be applied.
        Eagle Ambassadors, Inc. 
        P.O. Box 218
        Milesburg, PA 16853 
      3. Donate materials and supplies, instead of funds. Contact Rosemarie Cox at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (814) 355-4868, extension 1140.

Current and future projects include:

Mural Project: The art club has several murals that they have been working on. They are created in the manner of the Philadelphia mural project where they are painted on panels and then applied to the surface of a building much like a super-durable wallpaper application. The paints, adhesives, canvas, and other materials for these murals are very expensive. Rosemarie has donated all of the canvas panels and much of the paint that has been used so far on the murals. They could do SO much more and the project could move a bit more quickly with a better supply of materials to work with. 

An alumni sponsorship of a mural would alleviate some of these costs, allow more students to enjoy this great art experience. To learn more about the impact you can make, contact Rosemarie Cox at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (814) 355-4868, extension 1140.

Empty Bowls event: An “Empty Bowls” event benefits the local food banks and/or school backpack/Christmas gift program. The administration recently approved the purchase of a de-airing pugmill, which will allow for easier reclamation of clay, so this may help bring this goal closer to actuality. Alumni volunteers can help during the event and possibly even prior to the event. Adult presence and supervision is necessary, even with an abundance of student volunteers. 

“Every contribution I make to enhance student understanding and experience will benefit not only them, but also their families, our community, and the future,” said Rosemarie.  

About Rosemarie
Rosemarie has been married to her husband Scott for 27 years. They have two children who are BEASD alumni. Her daughter, Amanda, is 26 and is a very passionate mental health advocate, caretaker, artist, and designer/seamstress. Her son, Donald, is 22 and serves in the United States Air Force, loves all things outdoors, and always has at least a half dozen projects he’s working on at any given time.  

Congratulations to Rosemarie on receiving this award!