Eagle Ambassadors, Inc. - BEA Wraps up Second Week of Classes

BEA Wraps up Second Week of Classes

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From The Centre Daily Times

The four elementary principals at Bald Eagle Area each say they oversee the best school in the district.

Jack Tobias, principal of Bald Eagle Area Middle and High School, regularly says he leads the best school in the world.

“I’ll say it once, I’ll say it again, I think we have the best kids at the best school,” he said Thursday afternoon while escorting a reporter around the school on South Eagle Valley Drive in Wingate. “It’s no question.”

It’s friendly competition among principals in the district, but an attitude that makes the right ingredients to bring the best out of its staff and students.

“What I think about our district is we provide as much opportunity for our students because we don’t have many of those opportunities as they do in other communities,” Superintendent Jeff Miles said. “Places like Bellefonte, State College they have places like the Y (YMCA of Centre County), and community groups. We don’t have that at Bald Eagle Area so we try to provide as many opportunities as we can for our students on a regular basis.”

This week wrapped up the second full week of the 2016-17 school year.

Mountaintop Area Elementary School daily begins with buildingwide announcements by different fifth-graders, and from Principal Mary Beth Crago.

Two fifth-grade students also raise the flag daily on a new flag pole at the school — and their mission is to make sure the flag never touches the ground.

“It’s one of the most important things we do,” Rachel Bryan said.

She and classmate Dalton Barnyak were responsible for hoisting the flag Thursday.

And Crago said, when it’s time, students are also given direction about when to fly it at half-staff, and the meaning behind the way the flag flies.

There are about 20 students in one fifth-grade class, among a school population of about 135.

Other elementary schools in the district are Howard, Port Matilda and Wingate, and there is also one combined middle and high school that serves residents of Burnside, Boggs, Howard, Huston, Snow Shoe, Union and Worth townships, and the boroughs of Howard, Milesburg, Port Matilda, Snow Show and Unionville.