Eagle Ambassadors, Inc. - An Update on Camo Cares Fundraising Efforts

An Update on Camo Cares Fundraising Efforts

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Honoring Joe Read, Helping More People Experience the Hunt of a Lifetime

In the final months of the 2015-16 school year, the district rallied in a fundraising effort for Camo Cares to commemorate the life of 2013 BEA grad, Joe Read.

Thanks to Special Education Teacher Erica Milliron, who lead the fundraising effort, for sharing the following update:

After all of the work and contributions that this district as a whole made to the fundraising efforts for Camo Cares in memory of Joe Read, I wanted to follow up with final details.

I had the honor of attending the Camo Cares event in Fryburg, PA this summer on June 25. I was beyond overwhelmed. It is an incredible event, both organized by and attended by immensely passionate people. Over 250 people participated in the archery shoot. There were over 200 raffle prizes. There were more than 1,200 people in attendance overall. It was beyond what I ever expected, and I was awed by the entire event.

I wore my Camo BEA shirt (of course!), and throughout the day people kept stopping me and saying "hey, you’re from that school that raised all the money for Joe!" I was proud to say that I was. It was incredible.

I was invited to stand on stage as the presentations were made. It was an emotional afternoon. Jason Say, the man from Camo Cares who attended our assembly cried through every presentation, as did most of the people in the audience. I got to meet some of the individuals who have participated in hunts in the past, and those who will participate this year. I got to meet wounded warriors, children with life changing injuries, and people with terminal illnesses. I got to stand with Joe’s family as his memory was honored. It was humbling to know what we as a school and community helped to contribute to.

As the Bald Eagle Area School District, we made a final donation of $7,632.05 to Camo Cares.

As a whole, the Camo Cares organization raised $158,000 (over 70 individuals will receive a sponsored hunt through this generosity).

**Aside from families and groups who make outside donations, like we did, that is one day of fundraising folks! People are incredibly generous!

It's an incredible organization, and a remarkable event. Thank you for all that you helped to contribute. If you are an outdoorsman/woman, or enjoy attending fundraising events, I encourage you to check out this event in the future. You will not leave disappointed. For more information, you can check out their website: http://www.wiredoutdoors.com/camocares/

*As a very special side note, another BEA student has been chosen to go on a sponsored hunt with Hunt of a Lifetime. We truly did help to pay it forward.