Eagle Ambassadors, Inc. - Colonel Todd Warner ’82 Reflects on Dual Career and Lessons Learned at BEASD

Colonel Todd Warner ’82 Reflects on Dual Career and Lessons Learned at BEASD

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Colonel Todd Warner ’82 has very specific memories of his time at BEASD, and he seamlessly ties those memories to life lessons that have helped him in his civilian career, as well as his 30-year military career.

Todd grew up in Port Matilda and attended BEASD from kindergarten through 12th grade. He graduated from Penn State in 1986 and most recently served as a U.S. Army Reserve Colonel on active duty at the Pentagon.

“Looking back, I think I could say that most of my high school courses and activities more than prepared me for future success,” said Todd. “I don’t want to forget anyone, but some examples really stand out in my mind.” 

One example is that Todd studied Spanish for five years under Dr. Bruce Herold. Dr. Herold was a fabulous teacher, teaching Todd Spanish, but the lessons went far beyond the language skills.

“The cultural understanding and respect that I learned from Dr. Herold really helped me with building positive relationships and teams,” said Todd.

Todd’s understanding of government, history, and social sciences provided him with a solid understanding of the world beyond the United States, in particular the Middle East. This was critical to his dealings in international business and in his military career. He thanks teachers Mr. Alex Murnyack and Mr. Dan Fisher for those lessons.

Outside of the classroom, Todd was a wrestler and a football player. He wrestled under coaches Dick Rhoades, Zeke Zembower, Don Burris, and Fran Johnson. His football coaches included Gawen Stoker, Tom Letterman, and Alex Murnyack.

“My coaches were great mentors who treated all of their student-athletes with respect and who emphasized teamwork, participation, self-confidence, perseverance, resiliency, training, and preparation,” said Todd. “Those lessons were invaluable and have served me countless times in both my dual careers and in life overall.”

A self-professed “average” high school athlete, Todd opted for more team sports. “I was passionate and dedicated,” he said, “but a very average high school athlete.”

In addition to athletics, Todd was a member of the Spanish Club, National Honor Society, and Student Government/Executive Committee.

Todd says that in the 1970s and 1980s there was a strong academic and extracurricular atmosphere at BEASD that promoted character, integrity, life-long learning, and teamwork. Along with encouraging a strong work ethic and instilling a sense of family and community, it had everything students needed to build a solid foundation.

In Todd’s civilian career, he spent 25-years in operations and general management with two world-class global electronics manufacturing firms, Murata Electronics and API Technologies. He then returned to active Army duty for the final year of his 30-year military career.

Based at the Pentagon, Todd and his team worked to lead, manage, and transition the U.S. Army’s Rail Program. They were responsible for developing and leading the most cost-effective ways to manage the U.S. Army’s railroad activities.

“In this role, I have certainly utilized and relied on many skills and processes that I first learned and discovered when I was a student at Bald Eagle Area more than 30 years ago,” said Todd.  

For graduating seniors, Todd offers the following advice, “Be patient and remain focused. Set goals and make plans on the steps you need to take to achieve them. No matter what you do, what great things you achieve, or where you go in life—always keep family relationships and a sense of community alive in your heart and never forget to be “Bald Eagle Proud.”