Eagle Ambassadors, Inc. - Wendy Martinec ’90 Returns Home from Land Down Under for Scholastic Honors Banquet

Wendy Martinec ’90 Returns Home from Land Down Under for Scholastic Honors Banquet

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When it comes to leaving home, you can’t get much farther away than Australia. The nearly 24-hour flight path it takes to get there from Pennsylvania covers almost 10,000 miles. BEA alum Wendy Martinec ’90, who now lives in Melbourne, Australia,  recently made the trip so she could be a special guest speaker at the Scholastic Honors Banquet. We are grateful that she did!

Wendy spoke at the banquet on October 29th at the Bald Eagle High School where 93 students were honored for being in the top ten percent of their class last year. Wendy graduated from Penn State University and almost immediately after began her career in international education. Today, she leads La Trobe University’s student exchange and study abroad program in Melbourne, Australia. The program sends more than 900 students abroad to more than 40 countries.

At the banquet students from grades 7 - 12, along with their parents, were treated to a buffet dinner prepared by the BEA Food Service Staff and served by members of the BEASD School Board and faculty. As a keepsake for the night each student received a plastic drinking cup with the BEA logo on it, along with their award certificate. Parents received “Proud Parent of a BEA Honor Student” stickers.

After the event students were sent a congratulatory letter from the superintendent, along with a photo of them taken at the banquet with Education President, Tom Letterman and Superintendent, Jeff Miles.

Congratulations to all of the students and thank you again to Wendy. We look forward to inviting this year’s award winners back to speak at future events, no matter how far away their lives and careers may take them!