Eagle Ambassadors, Inc. - Board of Education Announces New Policies

Board of Education Announces New Policies

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At the March 12, 2015 Board of Education Meeting, the Board approved two changes to the District's Attendance Policy.

The first change is regarding student tardies to school. When a student reaches 10 tardies (any combination of parent excused and/or illegal) the student will be required to provide a physician’s excuse. Notice will be sent to the parents in writing from the Attendance Office. See Policy No. 204 Attendance.

The second change dealt with Educational Field Trip Requests. See Policy 204.1 Educational Tours and Trips, 204.1 Attachment A Educational Trip Request Form Grades K – 12, and 204.1 Attachment B> Educational Trip Administrative Review Form Grades 6 – 12.

These forms can be accessed through the Policy Manual link on the school’s website.