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Student Becomes Conservation Ambassador

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Bald Eagle Area High School freshman Rosalie Sowers is serving her community as a Wildlife Leadership Academy (WLA) conservation ambassador. Sowers, who is passionate about hunting, is using her status to educate others about the sport and help debunk many misconceptions.

It started this summer when Sowers was selected to attend the state Wildlife Leadership Academy for Whitetail Deer. The rigorous application process required her to send in a letter of recommendation; provide her grades and list of extracurricular activities; and write an essay answering how she would help the community with information learned in the camp, why she is the right applicant to be selected and more.

“A reason why I wanted to be a part of this camp is because hunting is an extreme passion of mine, so if I can figure out more about how these deer live, then I’m all about it,” she said.

WLA, based in Lewisburg, holds a series of camps across the commonwealth for youth at least 14 years old to learn more about wildlife, fisheries and natural resources. By attending the camp, Sowers also committed to become a conservation ambassador for the community, which allows her to engage in outreach activities, educational missions, community service and more.

“There is a lot of confusion about what hunters aim to do,” she said. “What I’m trying to get out with conservation is that just because there are a few people who make hunters look bad, doesn’t mean we all are.”

BEA is proud to have students who are making a difference in their communities!

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