Eagle Ambassadors, Inc. - From Student Athlete to Athletic Director: A Lifelong Love of BEA Sports

From Student Athlete to Athletic Director: A Lifelong Love of BEA Sports

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The Bald Eagle Area School District has been a very constant part life for Douglas Dyke ’89. The once varsity athlete is now the Athletic Director for BEASD. He is also responsible for the BEA home and school visitor attendance.

“After 23 years of working here at BEA, I truly think this was my calling,” Douglas said.

His involvement with Eagle athletics started when he was a student. During Douglas’s high school career at BEA, he was the equipment manager for the varsity football team. He also played varsity basketball and baseball.

Through these activities, he has many fond memories.

“I had a great group of friends and we had a blast,” he said.

Douglas had countless teachers and coaches that affected his life both professionally and personally. One big life lesson that he learned while attending BEA was the respect that should be shown to adults. Douglas tries to instill a respect for elders in every student that he comes in contact with.

“I have received a lot of comments on how polite our students are when they are spoken to,” he said.

After graduating high school, Douglas went on to pursue a degree in Secondary Education at Lock Haven University. He then returned to BEA to become the district’s Athletic Director.

“If it wasn’t for former Superintendent, Dan Fisher, having faith in me as a 22-year-old college graduate, I don’t know where I would be or what I would be doing,” he said.

As the Athletic Director, Douglas’s job can get pretty hectic at times. Sometimes he finds himself working 70-80 hour weeks, but he still finds his work incredibly satisfying.

“I have a great staff of coaches and event personnel that help keep things running smoothly,” he said.

In addition to his position as Athletic Director, Douglas is also in charge of the home and school visitor attendance. On a daily basis he comes in contact with 50 or more parents regarding attendance issues. Each of his positions at BEA have him out in the public.

“This has helped me get to know a lot of the students and their parents on a more personal level,” he said.

Having worked in the district for so many years, Douglas says that one of his favorite parts of the job is seeing his former students with families of their own. He finds it rewarding to see them become parents and productive members of society.

“I like to joke with many of them that the challenges they gave me with school attendance is the reason I am almost completely bald,” he said.

Douglas’s position within the district has allowed him to keep in contact with many of his former classmates. Many of his friends have children that are attending the BEASD. One of his close friends, Mike Habovick, has recently become a boys’ basketball coach at BEA. He is very involved with the elementary and junior high levels.

Not only did BEASD help Douglas grow as an individual during his time as a student, it also provided him with a career that he loves. Each day brings a new series of challenges that Douglas handles with confidence.

“I am not going to say that it can’t be frustrating at times, but I love getting to know so many fine young men and women,” he said.